Long Handled Basket with Buckle
Long Handled Basket with Buckle
Basket Basket

Long Handled Basket with Buckle

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A traditional shaped basket with pale leather buckle fastening and long straps, perfect for a day out at the beach! Handmade in Morocco from start to finish.

The doum palm tree is grown for it's dates but it's leaves have many uses including these baskets! The palm leaves are woven into strips and sewn together, they are then splashed with water to make them more malleable and to give a tighter weave. Once the basket is woven they are transported to a seamstress so the leather handles can be sewn on. The twine used for stitching the handles is coated in beeswax for a smoother and stronger finish. These baskets are beautifully made using traditional and sustainable techniques.

Base Length: 15cm 

Top Length: 48cm

Height: 29cm

Handle Length: 90cm

If basket gets wet allow to dry thouroughly

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